> HEPA·ULPA Filter Replacement

Filter must always be in good condition.

If filter is not in good condition That is the first reason for sample contamination.

> HEPA·ULPA Replacement time

Continuous management is required Because filters also have a lifespan.

It is usually recommended to replace them once a year. Up to 2 years depending usage.

> Free Service Benefits for Filter replacement

1.  We'll check it for free through 'simple validation'. Check the performance of particles, wind speed,

      air flow and equipment.

2.  We can help you manage your system easily. Provide report of work history and validation

      check as report.

3.  Provide reform work to prevent air leakage through gaps in the equipment and obstruction of air flow.

4.  We will attach a job confirmation and equipment management stick.

5.  When the cover is opened by replacing the filter, We will check the condition of equipment

     such as UV lamp and work.


What's a HEPA Filter?


HEPA Filter is an abbreviation for High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter.
To qualify as HEPA by industry standards, an air filter must remove 99.99% of particles 
that have a size greater than or equal to 0.3 µm. and In use for Biological Safety Cabinet, Clean Bench, CO2 incubator.

It is used for the purpose of purifying the inlet air to maintain cleanliness in the production of pharmaceuticals and foods, or for safety maintenance to prevent the release of harmful microorganisms to the outside in laboratories that conduct recombinant DNA experiments.

What's a ULPA Filter?

ULPA Filter is an abbreviation of Ultra Low Penetration Air Filter, and it is an ultra-high performance purification filter that removes 99.99% of particles larger than 0.12㎛ that cannot be filtered by HEPA filter.


It is mainly used for the best cleanliness in BSC or clean room of medical or biotechnology laboratory, and filter replacement cycle must be strictly observed to prevent re-contamination of air due to contamination of the filter.

To help facilitate equipment management even if the manager changes in the future,

a management sticker is attached to all clean benches that have undergone

filter replacement or Cleaning&Sterilizing care through Alpha Line.

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