• 디지털 컨트롤 (stirred water baths)

 • 120ºC 까지 사용가능

 • 3가지의 economy plastic tanks와 5가지의 stainless steel tanks선택가능

 • PID controllor를 사용한 정확한 온도제어

 • Maker : GRANT / UK

Settable temperature range -20 to 120°C, stability ± 0.05°C

The Grant Optima™ TC120 is a general purpose digital heated circulator with easy to use rotary dial and two function keys for quick temperature setting and menu navigation. It provides digital control for simple, precise temperature control in the range of -20 to 120ºC.

The TC120 can be used in combination with the Grant ST and P ranges of stainless steel and plastic tanks or with other vertical sided vessels. For low temperature applications, combine with one of our refrigeration units.

A clamp (T clamp) fitted to the rear of the TC120 heating circulator allows it to be attached to virtually any vertical sided tank with a maximum wall thickness of 35mm for rectangular tanks, 30mm for circular tanks (300mm diameter) and a capacity of up to 50 litres. Minimum and maximum temperatures achievable are dependent upon tank insulation and minimum operating temperature depends on the accessory cooling device.

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