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Dr. Sterilize Care

Highly pathogenic viral infections, Prevention is the best.

Respiratory infection and Highly pathogenic virus Easily exposed With vulnerable environments

from Space that can occur then We will sterilize in a fast and safe manner and will also

inhibit the proliferation of bacteria.

> Liquid low temperature Smoke Sterilize

Using FDA-approved specialty chemicals,Super-micron steam spray is used to sterilize equipment and large areas.

Non-toxic to human body Office of research as well as inside and outside the equipment It's quickly

sterilized everywhere. Tuberculosis bacteria,Pseudomonas aeruginosa,Escherichia coli,etc kills 99.99% sterilization of harmful bacteria within 30 seconds.

> Chlorine Dioxide Gas Smoke Sterilize

Clean bench using chlorine dioxide gas (sterile bench), fumigation sterilization method

dedicated to experimental equipment.
The first NSF49 certification in Korea method of sterilization of chlorine gas, 
which is the recommended method of disinfection for the U.S. National Health Service
Compared to the commonly used hydrogen peroxide and formaldehyde methods, it consumes less time
We demonstrated the process of sterilization by Bio Indicator.

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