Field Manager


There are Field Managers with a lot of knowledge and know-how on the Alpha Line,
They are Follow and control the operation and We provide the best solution for our customers.

The description of  progress is We will fully manage future management and safety manuals.
and We check the equipment directly and provide the operation management report(Simple Validation Sheet) We help you with your equipment management history and correct operation.

Monmouth Scientific


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5F, JAI B/D.1139,


Gyeyang-gu, Incheon, Republic of  KOREA

TEL 82-2-1661-8595 FAX 82-70-4736-2645


Duty hours : Weekdays 9am-6pm

lunch break : 12-1pm

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ADDRESS 인천광역시 계양구 경명대로1139 자이빌딩 5층

E-mail  TEL  1661-8595  FAX 070-4736-2645 CEO 유승윤 COMPANY REG NO. 381-87-01821

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