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 Biological Safety Cabinet 

Thermo 1300 Series A2


Ease-of-Use for Enhanced Safety
An efficient working environment can eliminate expensive
disruptions to lab procedures. Our Thermo Scientific 1300 Series A2
delivers easy-to-use features that enable you to perform your best
work – productively and safely.

SmartClean™Window Design
To reduce risk of sample contamination, our patented
window design easily lowers for thorough cleaning of the
window's inner surface. This unique design protects the
operator by maintaining inflow even when the window
is lowered.


Easy Servicing
Fan control and power supply can be replaced independently
of the DC motor with no need for disruptive decontamination of
the cabinet. All cabinet components, including HEPA filters,
are easily accessible from the front to allow for rapid service
and minimal work disruption. The SmartClean window design
simplifies access to the downflow filter during annual certification.


Exceptional Safety
Smooth components are used throughout the cabinet, virtually
eliminating the risk of injury during routine cleaning, servicing
and maintenance procedures.


Worry-free Decontamination
The easy to use, optional UV light is programmable from
30 minutes to 24 hours in 30-minute increments, extending bulb
life and saving energy.

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